Let's beat myasthenia gravis

Dilara Tuna
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Last year my brother and I ran the 20K of Brussels together. 
This year we will be running the Estonian Wilderness Marathon on October 13. I would like to take that opportunity to not only getting into the "runners high" but also contributing something to a greater cause. 

In loving memory of my mom who passed away last year to multiple sclerosis, but also wanting to create awareness for the unheard and unseen of other autoimmune disorders. I also want to embrace the ones that still face so often invisible illnesses like MG, as my friend Miriam does. Awareness is the first step we need towards identifying and hopefully curing and preventing diseases like these that destroyed so many lives already. My mom was diagnosed when she was pretty young but then the diagnosis has been withdrawn. Later on in her life when it was already in a more severe state she was diagnosed for good.

As I see awareness around MS being raised, I see more and more people being diagnosed with it due to increasing awareness, opening more possibilities to finding a cure as now medical research is way further then when she was first being diagnosed, I think the way to go is creating awareness in the first place. Miriam, I see you being such a strong person every time there is an obstacle yet again being put in your way, I have seen your life changing, you were there when I needed you every time, especially understanding the struggles having my mom suffer from MS, now the stage is yours! 

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